65-Year-Old Madonna Turns Up The Heat In Sugary Sweet New Pics From World Tour


Madonna enjoys some candy between concertsMadonna enjoys some candy between concerts

Last fall, Madonna kicked off her Celebration World Tour and she’s still got several months of high-energy performances to go. Right now, she’s in the North America branch of her tour, oscillating between the U.S. and Canada, but for those who can’t see her live, Madonna is providing plenty of behind-the-scenes snaps, including one that’s generated a lot of buzz that shows her sucking on a piece of candy.

Madonna’s most recent Instagram post has been a mix of candid and formal photos from her tour, both readying for the concerts themselves and enjoying some casual moments in between. When her post from yesterday went live, she was up north at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look!

Madonna shares some candy sweet behind the scenes photos from her Celebration Tour

On Thursday, Madonna took to Instagram to share a series of behind-the-scenes looks at her Celebration Tour. The first was of her getting into costume, wearing a figure-hugging lacy black outfit with her blonde hair framing her made-up face.

The next showed Madonna sucking seductively on a strip of sprinkled pink candy; the footage shows the same shot from two different angles, with one aimed from lower down that shows off her lipstick. More costume and makeup photos follow, showing her 19 million Instagram followers a bit of the process behind getting ready for big events like these. She captioned the post, “Before, during and after………….BTS!

Madonna has been charging on despite her recent health scare

Madonna had been hospitalized just last summerMadonna had been hospitalized just last summer
Madonna had been hospitalized just last summer / Dennis Van Tine/starmaxinc.com STAR MAX 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Those following the momentum of Madonna’s touring schedule would not believe anything had been seriously wrong not too long ago. Over the summer, she had been rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive in her New York apartment.

On Saturday June 24, Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several day stay in the ICU,” shared her manager, Guy Oseary.

Madonna worried for her family if something more happened to herMadonna worried for her family if something more happened to her
Madonna worried for her family if something more happened to her / Instagram

In December, Madonna shared with attendees of her Brooklyn, New York concert that she’d been in a coma for 48 hours. “I do not take anything that happened for granted,” she said, reflecting on how a friend of hers, Siobhan, saved her life. “There are some very important people here who were with me in the hospital. There’s one very important woman who dragged me to the hospital. … I passed out on my bathroom floor and woke up in the ICU.”

When she awoke, all six of her children were at her bedside and there was a jest of how she had to “almost die” to get everyone together at the same time. But there was also an acute awareness of all that was almost lost, compounded by the fact that her own mother had died of cancer, and was horrified for those she was leaving behind.

“I was thinking, what if I left my children?’” Madonna admitted. “That would destroy me if I left my children at this moment in their lives. … How scared she must have been to know that she was going to leave us all behind.”

Madonna has been maintaining a demanding tour scheduleMadonna has been maintaining a demanding tour schedule
May 31 2012, Israel
Madonna has been maintaining a demanding tour schedule / ImageCollect


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