103-Year-Old Man Ditches Walker When Reunited With Wife


A Colombian woman, Enfermera Estilosa, recently shared her grandfather’s reaction when he met his wife, who had been in hospitalization for a long time. Excited to see his wife, the centenarian dropped his walker unintentionally and ran to give her a warm embrace. Enfermera posted the heartwarming clip on her Instagram with the caption, “This is how my 103-year-old grandfather receives the love of his life after a month in hospital where we thought he would live forever,” in Spanish.

Many of her followers immediately became fans of the old couple as they were won over by the excitement they shared. “Yes, today is one more day that we have hit the jackpot. Merry Christmas, grandparents; you are together again,” she added.

103-year-old man ditches his walker when he sees his wife: a lifetime of love

The video touched Estilosa herself, who learned to relish the simple beauty of love, health, and family in that moment. “How sad that things have to happen to realize that the lottery touches us every day with health, with family, and with the love of the people we are close to,” she noted.

Like her, several others were inspired and could not hide their happiness. “How beautiful, you made me cry with joy and excitement. What a pity that love of that generation is lost!” someone noted with cheers to the lovebirds, their “children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.”

103-year-old man Walker103-year-old man Walker
Instagram video screenshot

More reactions from viewers

The post has garnered nearly a million likes and thousands of comments— most of which were written in Spanish, like the caption. “He set aside his walker; when he saw his wife, all the vitality came to his legs,” one of the many replies stated. Many wished for beautiful, lasting love like theirs as well and wished them more time together.

103-year-old man Walker103-year-old man Walker
Instagram video screenshot

A user who works with older people found the video relatable and had this to say, “I take care of older adults; every day, you learn something new from them, thousands of stories, anecdotes.” Another healthcare worker added, “I work in ambulances, and luckily, I take them to their homes, among other things, and I have memories of patients being hospitalized, and when they arrive home, they are waiting for the wife or husband and see how they are received and missed— really exciting.”


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