This ’70s Film Is A Hidden Holiday Gem And It Stars A Very Familiar Golden Girl


Set In A Gay Bar On Christmas Eve, This ’70s Film Is A Hidden Holiday Gem—And It Stars A Golden Girl!Set In A Gay Bar On Christmas Eve, This ’70s Film Is A Hidden Holiday Gem—And It Stars A Golden Girl!

Although the 1960s marked the era of change for societal reforms, the 1969 Stonewall riots, which took place in the UK, put the spotlight on gay rights movements internationally. This is because prior to the ’70s, same-sex relationships were considered taboo in most countries around the world. This forced many people to live hidden lives.

By 1971, movie producer John Lauricella decided to promote gay rights by releasing a drama film, Some of My Best Friends Are…, which starred Fannie Flagg, Rue McClanahan, and Candy Darling on a 1971 Christmas Eve in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village visiting a gay bar where they talk about their lives and relationships.

The movie is a rare gem

Rue McClanahanRue McClanahan
THE GOLDEN GIRLS, Rue McClanahan, 1985-1992, (c) Touchstone Television / Courtesy Everett Collection

Some of My Best Friends Are…, which was filmed more than five decades ago, tells the story of the closely integrated queer communities and friends celebrating and enjoying life together on Christmas Eve. The 1971 film focuses on the difference between people and bursts of emotion while showcasing the different sides of life, which still resonates with viewers today.

Although Some of My Best Friends Are…, is a low-budget movie, which was filmed in just one location — a local community bar (Blue Jay Bar) that served as a go-to place for the queer community — the movie perfectly communicates its message of living in a free world to viewers while promoting understanding and respecting people’s sexual orientation.

SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE, Candy Darling, 1971

More about the ’70s film

In the film, the bar owner creates a lovely and welcoming environment for her business, and everyone feels at home and always anticipates spending their holidays there. Just like any bar, there is a regular know-it-all boy who frequents the place and is skillful at getting firsthand information about people.

SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE, from left: Candy Darling, David Drew, 1971

Golden Girls star Rue McClanahan plays the attractive woman who charms a lot of men who are obsessed with her, but she prefers being in the company of gay men. Gossip was also a thing in this setting as hidden secrets, love affairs, and brawls came up during discussions, making the 1971 movie mirror real-life experiences of a Christmas night out with friends.


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