The Internet Is Bewildered By This 1956 Refrigerator That Has More Features Than Modern Refrigerators


1956 Refrigerator1956 Refrigerator

The quest for technological advancement has given rise to a new set of concerns regarding the quality of home equipment and gadgets, without an exception for refrigerators. The invention of the refrigerator in the early 1900s brought about home improvement as different households ditched their ice boxes, and fridges became a thing in the era.

Recently, netizens shared their views after a 1956 promotional video for a refrigerator surfaced online, and viewers wished they lived in that era. Refrigerators produced had functional features, and viewers can’t get over why manufacturers discontinued such great features today.

The 1956 refrigerator

The promotional video features a lady describing the specifications of the refrigerator: “Let’s start with the most ingenious door in any refrigerator; it has a special place for bottles, spreadable butter, cheeses, and even leftover food.”

The door has a big window-like compartment for “vegetables, and it also lifts out, and you can take it out to the sink when there is a fresh supply to be washed and put away.”  The inside shelf compartment is designed with rollers and thus allows for easy access to stored products. The lower compartment features a freezer for frozen foods and an ice cube compartment and ejector.

1956 Refrigerator1956 Refrigerator
Twitter video screenshot

Netizens react to the video

The video, posted on X, formerly Twitter, has gained a lot of impression as viewers took to the comment section to express themselves. “Fridges from 1963 were built to last and had simple but functional designs. They were generally made with sturdy materials like steel and were designed to keep food fresh longer,” a user wrote. “Some models featured separate compartments for frozen foods and had adjustable shelves. Today, we favour convenience over quality, with most appliances frequently replaced. However, energy efficiency has improved.”

1956 Refrigerator1956 Refrigerator
Twitter video screenshot

Another user also joked that producers prioritize profit over quality nowadays, “In 1956, they really wanted to solve a problem. In 2024, they just want your money.” While a third user affirmed, “Capitalism really ruined everything.”


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