Rarely Seen Olsen Twins From ‘Full House’ Spotted During Sisterly Outing


Olsen Twins rare sisterly outingOlsen Twins rare sisterly outing

The Olsen twins from Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley, were recently spotted in New York City with their sister, Elizabeth, who wore a black jacket, matching bell-bottomed pants, and a beanie. Mary-Kate opted for a long black coat and a matching bag, while Ashley rocked an oversized olive-green parka with jeans and a scarf.

The appearance was rare as all three sisters were last seen together at the CFDA Fashion Awards ceremony at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York in 2016. Elizabeth accompanied the twins—thriving fashion business icons—to receive their Womenswear Designer of the Year recognition.

Olsen twins spotted during rare outing

One of the profound lessons Elizabeth has received from her sisters is the ability to say the word ‘No’ and be happy with the choice. “‘No’ is a full sentence. Something my sisters always say which might have come from my father at one point,” she told TheOffCameraShow in 2021. “I really like that, especially as a woman. You can just say ‘no.’ I just really like that in all aspects of life.”

She also told Harper’s Bazaar UK  that her older siblings make her feel safe and help her figure out life better. “I always felt that having older twin sisters was an advantage. I felt very clear about how I was going to navigate lots of things because of watching them. I also felt very protected,” the WandaVision star gushed.

mary-kate and ashley olsenmary-kate and ashley olsen
The Olsen Twins (Ashley and Mary-Kate), with their ‘Michelle Tanner’ (from FULL HOUSE), talking doll, 1991.

Elizabeth began her acting career as a child and has achieved mainstream excellence in her craft over the years. Like her siblings, Elizabeth has had her share of being referred to as a “nepo baby” and having it easier than most, thanks to her celebrity family. “Nepotism is a thing, and I’m very aware of it. And, of course, I’ve always wanted to do it alone,” Elizabeth admitted.

Olsen Twins rare sisterly outingOlsen Twins rare sisterly outing

Mary-Kate and Ashley got their start on the classic sitcom Full House, where they took turns playing Michelle Tanner. In 1999, they started to focus on fashion and launched their luxury clothing line, The Row, in 2006 after building a successful brand with Walmart years prior. “We’re hard workers and we’ve always been hard workers,” Mary-Kate once noted. “I think the reason we do fashion is to constantly try to fix our imperfections. Just evolving and learning.”


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