People Spot ‘Time Traveler’ In 1940s Beach Photo


Time Traveler’ In 1940s Beach PhotoTime Traveler’ In 1940s Beach Photo

A photo of sunbathers on Towan Beach, Newquay from the ‘40s made it to social media, and users have spotted a “time traveler” in the shot. The picture showed Brits relaxing on the sand during World War II, and while it all seemed normal, a man wearing a brown coat seemed to focus on what looked like a phone.

As is known, there were no mobile phones in that period, so people assumed he was from the future. “Er…is it just me, or is this guy checking his phone….in the 1940s?” a curious user asked. Some, however, dismissed the idea of time travel, calling it a “nonsensical” theory.

The ‘40s time travel debate

While time-travel theory enthusiasts went into a frenzy over the man in brown, a user simply thinks, “That chap is rolling a cigarette!” “It’s clearly the man in the shot is a time traveling tourist checking his mobile device,” someone else insisted. Agreed or not, the internet has now termed him to be the “texting time traveler.”

Another shot from the 1941 reopening of the South Fork Bridge in Canada featured the “hipster time traveler” wearing a dark T-shirt, sunglasses, and a hoodie while holding a portable camera. His fashion was different from the rest of the crowd, as tailored suits were the norm at the time. People concluded he was just a nonconformist from that era because small cameras were already newly available thanks to Kodak, amongst other contradictions. “There is a 1938 patent for these ‘sunshades.’ Not time traveler, just a 1940s hipster,” someone clarified.

Time travelTime travel

More time travel

The Mirror shared a similar incident where footage from 1938 showed a lady walking amongst a group of people with what looked like a phone to her ear. She was wearing a pretty dress and holding the black device, which became more obvious as she put it down at the end of the clip.

Interestingly, a YouTube user, PlanetCheck, claimed she was his great-grandmother and confirmed that she was indeed holding a mobile device. He explained that it was an experimental wireless phone developed by industrial giant Dupont at their Leominster factory in Massachusetts.

View the alleged time traveler in the photo by the Mirror here.


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