Mickey Mouse Horror Game Changes Name After Antisemitic Accusations


As soon as Steamboat Willie’s Mickey Mouse became publicly available, having lost its copyright license, Nightmare Forge Games released the trailer for their horror video game version of the beloved character. The teaser features Mickey as a killer mouse whom players have to exterminate alongside invasive mice.

The announcement of Infestation 88 received backlash from the public due to its antisemitic theme. The team was accused of taking advantage of creative freedom to subtly promote anti-Jewish sentiments with its title and plot.

What about the title? Infestation 88

Youtube video screenshot

The number “88,” like in the title, stands for “HH” or “Heil Hitler” according to the Nazi movement because H is the eighth letter in the alphabet. In addition, the Nazi movement used rats to represent Jewish people, and this was portrayed in the game, which involves getting rid of the vermin.

These interpretations make a valid case of sinister intentions by Nightmare Forge Games, hence the pushback from viewers. Gassing was also depicted in the storyline, which relates to the use of gas chambers by the Nazis to kill Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

FANTASIA, Mickey Mouse, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, 1940

The team denies speculations

The team apologized via a statement that reads, “Unfortunately, at the time of its announcement, we were unaware of any additional meanings the number 88 has. Through feedback from the community, we learned it did, and therefore made this name change ASAP. We want to apologize for our ignorance on this topic and appreciate that it was brought to our attention so we could address it.”

Youtube video screenshot

They also condemned “Nazism and hate in any form” and promised to address any further concerns “as they arise.” The company’s developer spokesman explained that the game was set in the late ‘80s, with 1988 chosen specifically for its symmetrical design in our game’s artwork. “Therefore, the ‘88’ strictly represents the year 1988… no additional connotations are intended,” he further clarified.


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