Matthew Perry’s Friend Says ‘Friends’ Star Was ‘Never Clean’


Matthew Perry’s death was initially deemed accidental by the medical examiner, citing drowning, heart disease, and the opioid addiction treatment drug buprenorphine as contributing factors. However, a recent autopsy report disclosed elevated levels of ketamine, an antidepressant drug potent in the late actor’s bloodstream at the time of his demise.

In light of this new information, a close friend of Perry revealed that despite the actor’s previous openness about his struggles with addiction, he may not have been entirely forthcoming about the specifics of his challenges

Matthew Perry’s friend says the actor never overcame his addictions

Matthew Perry's addictionMatthew Perry's addiction
FOOLS RUSH IN, Matthew Perry, 1997. © Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

In a discussion with, the acquaintance revealed that contrary to the deceased actor’s claim of conquering his addiction, the Friends star never overcame his struggle with substance abuse. “He lied to everyone about being clean. He never was. It is very sad,” the source told the news outlet. “You know, the biggest lie he told was probably to himself.”

The friend asserted that the actor concealed his ongoing battle with substance abuse not only from friends but also from colleagues and loved ones, keeping his struggles hidden from those closest to him. “He could be quite a manipulative person when it came to his struggles with using,” the insider admitted. “But it was such a struggle, such a battle, and he battled every day to the end.”

Matthew Perry's addictionMatthew Perry's addiction
17 AGAIN, (aka SEVENTEEN AGAIN), Matthew Perry, 2009. ©New Line/Courtesy Everett Collection

Autopsy confirms that Matthew Perry never overcame his drug addiction

The recent autopsy findings disclosed high levels of ketamine in Matthew Perry’s system, comparable to those typically seen in hospitalized patients rather than from his prescribed treatment.

Matthew Perry's addictionMatthew Perry's addiction
17 AGAIN, (aka SEVENTEEN AGAIN), Matthew Perry, 2009. ©New Line/courtesy Everett Collection

This contradicts the widespread assumption that the actor had maintained sobriety in the months preceding his demise. Perry had openly shared his struggles, investing around $9 million and attending over 6,000 AA meetings in an earnest effort to overcome his addiction.


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