Martha Stewart Stuns Fans With Another ‘Thirst Trap’ Selfie To Welcome 2024


Martha Stewart selfieMartha Stewart selfie

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart shared an alluring bathroom mirror thirst trap selfie ahead of the new year and amidst challenging travel plans. The 82-year-old TV personality recently struck a sexy pose in her silk nightdress as she showed off her makeup-free face and figure.

Fans could not get enough of Martha as they raved about her relaxed appearance after an eight-hour plane trip from Westchester to Palm Beach. “Horrible by the way — we went to bed early and wore my beautiful @sabbiarosa nightgown linen with robe,” she wrote, sharing details about her day. “I didn’t look so bad when I got up, at least not as bad as I did when I went to bed — it must be the $$$$$outfit!!”

Fans react to Martha’s selfie

Among the compliments was interior decorator Lauren Makk’s, which read, “Sheesh! Save some sexy for the rest of us, Mama!” Comedian Heather McMahan said Martha was “absolute fire,” while actress Ellen Pompeo called her a “smoke show,” with a fan responding that they share similarities — “I can definitely see you look as beautiful as her when you get there, you two almost look alike,” they noted.

More comments poured in from Fitness trainer Jess Brown, who wrote, “We were due for a thirst trap, and the people have been waiting!” Another empathized with Martha on her tumultuous trip, having experienced the same. “The flight from Westchester to Palm Beach is horrendous! I feel you, mother!” they said.

Martha Stewart selfieMartha Stewart selfie

What is Martha’s secret?

Martha, who made history as the oldest cover girl for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue last year, says her youthful look comes from having good genes and living successfully while teaching others to do the same. “I started this hospital with Mt. Sinai, and it’s all about growing old gracefully. We don’t think about aging,” she said on Today. “We try to instill in people the desire to eat well, exercise well, have friends, to have pets— to do all the things that make you happy as you get older.”

Martha Stewart selfieMartha Stewart selfie

Despite being accused of undergoing cosmetic surgery several times, Martha insists she has “never had” it. “You can absolutely say that. No knife on my face, neck or back,” she said. However, her dermatologist, Dr. Daniel Belkin, revealed that she undergoes “non- or minimally invasive” procedures, which are carried out “conservatively” twice a year.


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