Marie Osmond Speaks On Her Decision To Quit Touring


Marie Osmond Speaks on Her Decision To Quit TouringMarie Osmond Speaks on Her Decision To Quit Touring

Marie Osmond rose to fame in the ’70s, most notably for her collaboration with her brother Donny Osmond on the teen idol variety show Donny & Marie. Her musical journey began at the age of 14 with the release of her debut album, Paper Roses, featuring the eponymous hit song. Over the years, Marie continued to make significant contributions to the music industry, releasing a total of 11 studio albums.

Her most recent work, Unexpected, released in 2021, topped the Billboard Classical Album chart. With a career spanning about five decades, the 64-year-old icon recently disclosed her intention to quit touring.

Marie Osmond reveals her reason for quitting touring

Marie OsmondMarie Osmond
MAYBE THIS TIME, Marie Osmond, 1995-96. ©ABC / courtesy Everett Collection

In a recent interview conducted before her performance at the Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown, the singer shared that while she has no plans to retire soon, she is considering taking a break from touring. This decision stems from her desire to prioritize and concentrate on other aspects of her life.

“I need to not be under contract that I can’t do anything because I can’t get hurt,” Osmond said. “I just decided that I would do a few shows and enjoy my life a little bit, and that’s what I’m planning to do this year.”

Marie OsmondMarie Osmond
DONNY AND MARIE, Maire Osmond, 1976-1979

Osmond also shared via her X profile that one of her motivations for making the announcement was to pursue some of the dreams she hadn’t been able to achieve until now. “All the years I’ve been on tour performing, it has been difficult to get out and see the places I visit. We always have rehearsals and soundcheck, and mostly because I can’t get out in the weather because it could affect my voice and the show,” she wrote. “Well, one of the places I’ve always wanted to spend some time sightseeing is Nova Scotia, Canada, so my husband took me there for one of my #bucketlist adventures!!🥰 There are so many incredible things about this beautiful world.”

Fans react to Marie Osmond’s announcement

Devoted fans of the legendary singer have taken to the comment section of her post to voice their delight regarding her choice to prioritize self-care and personal growth. “So glad that you are catching up on all these wonderful places and experiences!” a fan wrote. “You should add Australia to your list… not the cities but the beautiful outback.. and the amazing coastline. The Kimberley region and Kakadu are breathtaking.”

Marie OsmondMarie Osmond

“Marie..God bless you and thank you for dedicating your life to entertaining others. You deserve to see the world..incognito..the world is beautiful..have the time of your life,” another person stated, while a third fan replied, “Glad you’re enjoying your 2nd childhood, Marie!”


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