Man Uses 46-Year-Old Park Ticket To Gain Entry Into Disney World


46-year-old Disney park ticket46-year-old Disney park ticket

A trending video by TikToker Matthew Ables has garnered over 8 million views on social media as he shared his discovery on how he used an almost half-century-old park pass to gain entry to the Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.

Ables recounted how he found the decades-old ticket, which he initially considered nothing more than a mere family treasure. However, upon closer examination, he was astonished to find it unused and lacking an expiration date.

Man uses a 46-year-old ticket to gain entry into Disney World

Intrigued by the discovery, he decided to test the ticket’s validity by traveling to Orlando. He handed the ticket to the collector at the park kiosk and was relieved to hear he could gain entry with it. “I was sitting there panicking as she started aggressively stamping ‘zero’ all over the ticket booklet and then walked away,” Ables explained in the video. “But she came back with this yellow pass, which is supposedly good to get into the park.”

However, he confessed that he was surprised when he later learned that Magic Kingdom tickets for individuals aged ten and older were priced at $164 on that particular day.

46-year-old Disney park ticket46-year-old Disney park ticket

Disney fans react to the viral TikTok video

Disney Park fans have taken to the video’s comment section to share their thoughts on Ables’ experience and discuss the noticeable increase in park ticket prices over the years. “As a former vacation planner – this is what we trained for, and most of us never get to do,” a user commented. “You made her day.”

“$8 in 1978 is worth about $40 today. It’s crazy how much they keep raising prices,” another person wrote. “I’m just saying that based on inflation alone, prices should be about 1/3 of what they are now.”

46-year-old Disney park ticket46-year-old Disney park ticket

However, on the flip side, another TikTok user defended the theme park’s pricing structure.“I’m just saying your comparison is worthless on inflation alone,” he shared. “The park is more than 3x the size, so you’re really getting a deal.”

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