Lucky Man In Possession Of Paul McCartney’s $6k Guitar Pick Got It Free 


Louisa Walne was 15 years old when The Beatles performed at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester in 1964. She got autographs from the singers, who were fast becoming a craze after the release of their first movie, A Hard Day’s Night.

Louisa left the venue with an inscription from Beatles roadie Mal Evans that reads, “To Louisa, with love and best wishes Malcolm Evans,” and a slither of Paul McCartney’s broken guitar pick, which would later earn her husband over $6,000 (£5k.)

Her husband refused to sell it


After Louisa died at 24 while in nursing school, her husband of six months, Dr. Julian, kept the book in his possession. He refused to sell for the past 50 years because it meant so much to Louisa, however, he believes the time is right to give the collection a new owner. “The autograph book has been with me for a long time, and for many years, I didn’t want to sell it because it was Louisa’s,” he explained. “But it has been 50 years, and I think the time has come to pass this fascinating keepsake on.”

Interestingly, Julian is a Beatles fan, with his favorite quartet member being Paul McCartney. “I was – and still am – a massive Beatles fan and their music has accompanied me throughout my life. It’s impossible to name a favorite song, but Paul was my favorite Beatle, and to have a piece of a plectrum he used is undeniably special,” he continued.

HELP!, from left: Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, 1965

There are more autographs

Aside from signatures from the beloved band, Louisa’s autograph book also contains three from Gerry Marsden and one from Tommy. Cliff Richards also signed a page in March 1963 with Shadow’s Hank Marvin, who may have been performing with Cliff on stage.

ELIZABETH: A PORTRAIT IN PART(S), (aka ELIZABETH), Paul McCartney, 2022. © Mongrel Media /Courtesy Everett Collection

Motown singer Mary Wells also has her name in the treasured book, which Richard Winterton Auctioneers will sell at The Lichfield Auction Centre on January 22. “There remains huge affection for the group worldwide, and we expect considerable interest in the auction, especially due to the wonderful provenance of the book,” valuer Robert French noted.


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