Julia Roberts Says Richard Gere’s ‘Pretty Woman’ Character Is ‘Dead’


Julia Roberts recently shared her thoughts about her favorite movies, including Pretty Woman, where she played Vivian Ward alongside Richard Gere. She let fans in on her idea of how the TV couple ended up during her appearance on CBS Mornings, and it was far from a fairytale.

Roberts thinks her character now runs the business after Edward Lewis “passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling.” In the movie, they struck a deal to play pretend boyfriend and girlfriend for a week, only to fall in love and get together.

Further plots in Roberts’ head

Pretty Woman Julia RobertsPretty Woman Julia Roberts
PRETTY WOMAN, from left: Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, 1990. ©Buena Vista Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

Roberts and Gere met again for Runaway Bride almost a decade after Pretty Woman, and the actress thinks their characters would still be together, working through Maggie’s commitment-avoidant nature. “They stay together. He doesn’t die in this one. They’re gonna stay together,” she joked.

The 56-year-old was unsure about her Mystic Pizza character’s love life with Adam Storke’s; however, she hoped they were still going strong. “Let’s hope they’re still together and they have a bunch of cute little kiddos,” she said.

Pretty Woman Julia RobertsPretty Woman Julia Roberts
PRETTY WOMAN, from left: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, 1990. © Buena Vista /Courtesy Everett Collection

Notting Hill’s Anna and Hugh Grant’s bookstore owner character, William, definitely have kids together. “She’s retired. She has six children and has maintained her waist size amazingly,” she added. “He runs the bookshop still. And now there’s a little knitting annex to the bookshop that she runs.”

‘Pelican Brief’s’ Darby and Gray are together

Roberts also confirmed that she and Denzel Washington’s character from 1993’s Pelican Brief were a couple by the film’s end. “To me, the end of the movie, they’re absolutely together,” she said, to which show host Gayle King responded, “They’re watching TV. She’s watching him on TV.”

Pretty Woman Julia RobertsPretty Woman Julia Roberts
PRETTY WOMAN, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, 1990

“Yeah. And then the journalist says, ‘Well, your source seems too good to be true.’ And he says, in a way that only Denzel can, ‘She just might be.’ And then in slow motion, I put my head down with my cheeks pink, and that says it all to me,” Roberts continued, insisting they were both in love in the end.


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