‘Jeopardy!’ UK Slammed As New Host Makes Debut


Jeopardy! UK debut broadcastJeopardy! UK debut broadcast

Jeopardy!, based on the USA version of the same title, which initially aired in the UK in 1983 on Channel 4, has made a surprising comeback to television featuring Stephen Fry as the new host. ITV announced in February 2023 that the show would be revived for the third time in the autumn, which makes it the second time on the broadcast network.

ITV debuted the first season on 2024 New Year’s Day; however, despite the show’s enduring popularity in the United States, it seems out of touch with British fans who have received it with mixed feelings, sparking various debates about its return.

Stephen Fry makes his first appearance as ‘Jeopardy!’ UK host

During the New Year broadcast, Fry took center stage, guiding the contestants — Miles Searle, Steph O’Donoghue, and Mayank Dadheech— through the engaging segments of Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy!, and Final Jeopardy! in the captivating gameshow.

In the UK debut episode, Dadheech etched his name in history as the champion of the series, securing victory with an impressive £4,801 in winnings.

Fans react to the debut broadcast

Jeopardy! UK debut broadcastJeopardy! UK debut broadcast

Following the debut episode, Viewers shared their sentiments on social media regarding the show’s comeback. Some criticized the episode, labeling it “unwatchable,” and voiced dissatisfaction with the host.

“A boring programme with a boring host. Answer what is Jeopardy,” a fan wrote via X. “I’m now cringing at Mr Fry’s lame attempts at being funny and/or clever,” another added.

“Bad choice of present. Normally, a fan of Stephen Fry, but not sure that he is the best choice for hosting a show where he reads mostly rather than use his wit to be entertaining,” someone else wrote. “Not really playing to his strength. Much better suited for QI.”

However, other fans loved the show’s revival and offered positive reviews. “2024 is off to an excellent start with FINALLY British #Jeopardy! Really enjoyed it – great categories, and Stephen Fry was a perfect blend of kindness to the contestants and explaining the format to people who might not be familiar. Excellent,” a fan wrote.

“British #Jeopardy is fantastic. It is not dull at all,” another user added. “Legend Stephen Fry is a brilliant host. The most authentic British version yet of anything I have seen ‘imported.’”


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