How Does Martha Stewart’s Five-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Measure Up?


Martha Stewart has streamlined baking cookiesMartha Stewart has streamlined baking cookies

Martha Stewart has been sharing recipes for special dinners and classic desserts alike, keeping things traditional but with an engaging twist. Recently, Stewart ushered in the coming autumn and winter chill by sharing a chocolate chip cookie recipe that calls for only five ingredients. Sounds invitingly simple, but is the flavor at the end still good?

Self-admitted foodie and cookie connoisseur Sara Haas over at All Recipes gave the instructions a shot after Stewart posted them to Instagram. Haas went into this endeavor with a critical mind full of doubts that just five ingredients – as opposed to the usual eight, at the very least – could deliver quality flavor. Fortunately, she was pleasantly surprised.

Martha Stewart shares a five-ingredient chocolate chip cookie recipe

On September 11, Stewart took to Instagram to share a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe with her 4.2 million followers. “Longing for homemade chocolate chip cookies in a snap?” her post begins. “Nut butter does double duty by replacing both flour and regular butter in these five-ingredient, two-bite treats (that are also gluten-free!).”

What are you waiting for?” the post continues. “You’ll be enjoying freshly baked cookies in just 25 minutes. Get the recipe at the link in our bio.

The post is accompanied by an infographic about the recipe in question breaking down the anatomy of a chocolate chip cookie into five accessible elements.

What’s the verdict on Martha Stewart’s five-ingredient chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Martha Stewart puts a simple twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipeMartha Stewart puts a simple twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe
Martha Stewart puts a simple twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe / YouTube screenshot

Haas praised the recipe for utilizing ingredients “I normally have on-hand” and for being difficult to ruin. Haas does warn, however, that while delicious, the cookie’s the flavor will not be quite the traditional flavor bakers expect from chocolate chip cookies. She notes that because of “the full cup of almond butter and absence of flour,” the resulting taste will be distinctly nuttier than the usual dessert.

This same recipe change will also make them richer, so Haas anticipates one cookie might just be enough. Is it ever, though, when cookies are that tasty?

Haas deemed this recipe worth trying outHaas deemed this recipe worth trying out
Haas deemed this recipe worth trying out / YouTube screenshot

Additionally, Haas emphasizes that while the recipe does indeed work with just five ingredients, choosing those five is important and can make or break the final product. The almond butter of choice should list almonds as, ideally, the only ingredient, with salt as the only acceptable second item on the list. The chocolate chips used should also be the mini-sized ones.

Have you or will you give this recipe a shot?

The ingredients do make a differenceThe ingredients do make a difference
The ingredients do make a difference / Unsplash


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