Helen Mirren Stuns At Golden Globes In Figure-Hugging Dress


Dame Helen Mirren Stuns At The Golden Globe Awards In Figure-Hugging Dress And Silver LocksDame Helen Mirren Stuns At The Golden Globe Awards In Figure-Hugging Dress And Silver Locks

Helen Mirren graced the Golden Globes red carpet recently, wearing a stunning Dolce and Gabbana ensemble featuring multiple shades of purple. She also styled her shiny silver hair into a slick back bun, which complimented her bold jewelry.

She strutted confidently in her dress, proving she has evolved from meeting societal expectations of women her age when it comes to style and beauty. “I grew up in a world where there were all kinds of rules as far as women were concerned,” she said, crediting Madonna for “breaking” the limitations and inspiring her. “She was a woman after my own heart.”

Helen Mirren receives praise for stunning look as she embraces aging

Dame Helen MirrenDame Helen Mirren

Fans expressed their admiration for the actress with responses like “elegant and classy,” “stunning,” “beautiful,” and so on. “Love her, she looks amazing,” someone gushed. “Yes, Helen! She always looks so elegant,” another agreed.

Others remembered to compliment the stylist — D & G, for a job well done. “10/10, styling perfection,” a fan quipped. “Wow,” a lady exclaimed. “D&G is working overtime. They’ve styled so many looks tonight. Was no other fashion house working?” Several other comments on Fashion Bomb Daily’s post of the iconic actress were simply approving emojis.

Helen MirrenHelen Mirren
WHITE BIRD, (aka WHITE BIRD: A WONDER STORY), Helen Mirren, 2023. ph: Larry Horricks / © Lionsgate / Courtesy Everett Collection

Helen Mirren’s thoughts on aging

Helen, who is L’Oréal Paris Global ambassador, admitted to hating the idea of anti-aging. “Pisses me off so much! Whether you’re 25 or 45, you look great for who you are— not for how old you are,” she told ELLE UK in a recent interview. She further explained that age comes with more knowledge and should be embraced rather than resisted. “I feel the age that I am,” she added. “With all the curiosity I have about life, the knowledge I have, the fear I have about life.”

Helen Mirren Helen Mirren
ON BROADWAY, Helen Mirren, 2019. © Kino Lorber / Courtesy Everett Collection

Last year, she noted that she prefers the term growing up to aging. “Other people call it growing older, but I call it growing up,” the actress said. She also expressed her unique outlook on beauty, which involves focusing on one’s strengths beyond outward appearances. “Most of us are not beautiful. We have other stuff, which is just as powerful as beauty,” she advised. “And I would like to see us celebrate those things.”


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