Grandmother’s Youthful Looks Sparks Conversation About Money, Aging


Grandmother's youthful looksGrandmother's youthful looks

A fitness-savvy TikToker mom shared a video of her ageless-looking grandmother in celebration of her 71st birthday, and viewers were left in wonder at the septuagenarian’s looks. “My mom is 71 years old today. She’s heading out to dinner for her birthday,” Dana Kaye wrote of her mom.

The birthday girl wore a green trouser suit and silver heels with a matching clutch purse as she posed for the clip. “I’m so proud of her,” Kaye added. “She has lived a healthy lifestyle, and now at 71, she’s functioning like she’s 40!”

Fans praise the grandmother for her youthful looks

@danalynnkaye18How gorgeous does mom look to go out for her 71st birthday 🥳🥰 I’m so proud of her!♬ original sound – Dana Kaye | Devotion Nutrition

The video, which has gotten more than half a million views, was soon flooded with comments from TikTok users who called Kaye’s mom “stunning, classy, and amazing” among many compliments.

Amidst the kind words for the gorgeous granny, some comments insinuated that her youthful appearance all comes down to money. “Oh y’all have money. I know money when I see it,” someone wrote. “I can even smell it. Money well spent,” another agreed.

Grandmother's youthful looksGrandmother's youthful looks

Kaye addresses assumptions

Kaye made another video addressing comments about her mom looking good, thanks to money. “Yes it’s obvious that she is a successful woman in her beautiful bathroom in front of her beautiful closet,” she said. “But there were so many comments on here being like ‘oh yeah this is just because she has money.’”

Grandmother's youthful looksGrandmother's youthful looks

She noted that there are “a lot of wealthy people who don’t look that great as they’re aging,” and that money does not buy class or a healthy lifestyle. She added that wealth does not automatically create beneficial habits like lifting weights and self-care— and neither does it stop detrimental addictions like drinking or smoking. “Money can allow you to do a lot of things in a healthy direction or an unhealthy direction,” Kaye added.


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