Farmer Discovers ‘Door Stop’ Rock Is Worth $100,000


A farmer from Michigan acquired some property in the ’80s, and with it came a rock that he would often use as a doorstop. Although he knew the rock was unique, the farmer — who asked not to be named — was unaware of its value and gave it to his kids.

After having it for many years, he reportedly took it to Mona Sibescu, a Geology professor at Central Michigan University. Mona noticed the rock may have extraterrestrial origins as claimed by the property’s former owner who said it landed on Earth in the ’30s.

The ‘doorstop’ is worth a fortune

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Mona receives rocks all the time, but it has been nearly two decades since she got a meteorite. “For 18 years, the answer has been categorically ‘no’ — meteor wrongs, not meteorites. I could tell right away that this was something special,” she said.

The rock, made of 88.5% iron and 11.5% nickel, was estimated to be worth $100,000 and the sixth-largest in Michigan at 22 lbs. “It’s the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically,” Mona noted.


Has the gem been sold yet?

Mona took a slice of the find and sent it to her colleague at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., for further review. “What typically happens with these at this point is that meteorites can either be sold and shown in a museum or sold to collectors and sellers looking to make a profit,” she explained.


The Michigan farmer promised to donate 10% of the amount generated from selling the space rock to Central Michigan University, specifically to fund students in earth and atmospheric sciences. The space rock is currently on display at the University, where students can see and touch real-life versions of what is in their textbooks. “Just think, what I was holding is a piece of the early solar system that literally fell into our hands,” Mona gushed.


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