Dan Aykroyd Gives Details Of Traumatic Experience That Almost Ended His Comedy Career Before It Started


Dan Aykroyd traumatic experienceDan Aykroyd traumatic experience

Dan Aykroyd gained recognition as one of the original cast members of the groundbreaking sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL) when it debuted in 1975. Beyond the realm of comedy, the 71-year-old expanded into acting, achieving acclaim for his contributions to writing and starring as Dr. Raymond “Ray” Stantz in the iconic Ghostbusters franchise, including both the original film and its sequel, Ghostbusters II.

Ahead of his role in the upcoming film in the Ghostbusters series, Frozen Empire, Aykroyd, in a candid interview, recently reflected on his journey in the comedy world as well as a bad experience that almost made him quit his craft.

Dan Aykroyd speaks on his first public performance

Dan Aykroyd traumatic experienceDan Aykroyd traumatic experience
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During an appearance on Dana Carvey and David Spade’s Fly on the Wall podcast, Aykroyd revealed that he had his first public performance at a very young age. “I’m in grade three, they’re doing an Irish St. Patrick’s Day concert, and they compelled me to learn ‘McNamara’s Band,’” he stated. “They put me in a green bowler and a green vest and green pants and leprechaun shoes.”

Aykroyd further noted that it was surprising to him that the audience was thrilled with his performance. “I get to the end and give the tap dance finish, and they’re howling,” he added. “‘Whoa. Really? You like that that much?’”

Dan Aykroyd traumatic experienceDan Aykroyd traumatic experience

The actor shares a nasty experience that almost made him quit comedy

The actor further disclosed that while he was still relishing the success of his performance, his friends got him off the stage only to meet an ugly sight. “I go from the elation of singing ‘McNamara’s Band’ and getting cheered to, two minutes later, walking into the funeral home where seven bodies are laid out,” Aykroyd admitted. “A family that had drowned in a car the night before. Seven. The father, the mother, the brothers, the sisters.”

Dan Aykroyd traumatic experienceDan Aykroyd traumatic experience
LOS ANGELES – SEP 12: Dan Aykroyd at the Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Studios Hollywood on September 12, 2019 in Universal City, CA

Aykroyd noted that the experience was so horrific that it almost ended his career, as he had PTSD and could not do any shows for quite some time. “They bring me from euphoria to whoa,” he confessed. “I didn’t do any jigs for years and years afterwards. That turned me right off performance.”


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