Carpenters Performance Of ‘Close To You’ Still Brings Tears To My Eyes


This Carpenters Performance Of ‘Close To You’ Still Brings Tears To My Eyes copyThis Carpenters Performance Of ‘Close To You’ Still Brings Tears To My Eyes copy

Let’s chat about a tune that’s like a warm hug for your ears — The Carpenters‘ “Close to You.” Remember this one? Released way back in 1970, it’s like a time machine to a world where love songs were all about those butterfly feelings and sweet, simple melodies. This isn’t just any old love song; it’s like the audio equivalent of a cozy blanket and a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day.

The Carpenters, a.k.a. the dreamy duo of Karen and Richard Carpenter, really hit the jackpot with “Close to You.” They weren’t just siblings; they were like musical mind-readers, blending their talents to create something that feels like a warm, gentle squeeze to the heart. Karen’s voice? Pure magic. It’s like she’s right there, serenading you and only you. And Richard, with his knack for arranging tunes, turns every note into a little piece of comfort food for the soul. This specific performance encompasses all of those tender notes that people still love to listen to today.

“Close To You” by The Carpenters is still a top hit in 2023

Turns out “Close to You” wasn’t originally a Carpenters’ song; it was written by the legendary Burt Bacharach and Hal David. But here’s the twist – it wasn’t an instant hit. The song actually had a bit of a rough start, bouncing around with different artists before it landed in the Carpenters’ lap. A song that’s now so iconic it’s practically synonymous with their name was almost left in the forgotten tracks bin. It was Karen and Richard’s magical touch that transformed it into the snuggly, heart-melting hit we all know and love.

karen carpenterkaren carpenter
The Carpenters, from left: Richard Carpenter, Karen Carpenter, 1971. photo: Raphael/TV Guide/Courtesy Everett Collection

Now, get this – when “Close to You” was released, it didn’t just nudge its way up the charts; it soared. It clinched the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and parked itself there for a whole month. The song became so popular that it turned The Carpenters into household names almost overnight. They went from being relatively unknown to the darlings of the music world, all thanks to this one track that seemed to have a direct line to everyone’s heartstrings.

close to you the carpentersclose to you the carpenters
THE CARPENTERS, Karen and Richard Carpenter, in the TV Series, “Make Your Own Kind Of Music,” July-September, 1971. / Everett Collection

And here’s a little cherry on top: “Close to You” didn’t just make waves in the U.S.; it was a hit worldwide. It showed everyone that love, in its most tender and genuine form, is a universal language. This song, with its simple yet heartfelt lyrics and Karen’s soul-soothing voice, managed to cross borders and bring a little bit of joy to people everywhere. It’s amazing how a few chords and a sweet melody can bring the world a bit closer, isn’t it?


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