Barbra Streisand Shares Photos With Rarely-Seen Sister Roslyn


Barbra Streisand recently celebrated her younger sibling’s birthday with a throwback photo of them as kids. The black and white photo featured her holding her little sister, Roslyn Kind, who looked joyous. “Happy Birthday Sis,” Barbra captioned the post.

Roslyn is an entertainer like her sister, although she is solely a singer and less famous. She has performed at Broadway, concerts, and nightclubs around the country and with her sister in different countries. She’s also performed with Barbra’s son, Jason Gould, shortly after touring with her sister.

Barbra Streisand shares rare family photo with her sister

It took years since Roslyn’s career started to share a stage with her older sister because she needed to establish her identity. “It has been difficult having a sister who has been a legend of this century,” she said in an old interview. “She is a tremendous talent.”

She had reservations about appearing alongside Barbra too early as it would affect her public persona. “Sometimes I think I could have done better if I hadn’t been known as her sister,” she continued. “But I grew up singing. My grandfather was a cantor. My mother always sang around the house. I grew up with music.”

Barbara Streisand childhood photosBarbara Streisand childhood photos

Roslyn and Barbra grew up singing together

Both sisters had a penchant for music as kids, with a mother who would take over living room performances and a home where they learned to harmonize. Roslyn once said their mother would have been a good entertainer but for her timidity. “She loved to sing, and she had a glorious voice. But she never went after it. She was very shy,” she said.

Barbara Streisand childhood photosBarbara Streisand childhood photos

The singer grew up facing comparisons with Barbra. However, she hardly paid attention to such. “My sister was already successful in the business. It’s OK when people say, ‘She’ll never be her.’ I was never trying to be. I’m trying to be Roslyn Kind. My sister showed that it could be done. That I could be what I wanted to be,” Roslyn said confidently.


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