‘Barbie’ Star Margot Robbie Stuns In 1977 Superstar Barbie Dress


Margot Robbie was Golden Globe Nominee BarbieMargot Robbie was Golden Globe Nominee Barbie

She’s a Barbie girl! Barbie traveled from her Dream Home to the big screen this July in the titular fantasy comedy starring Margot Robbie. In keeping with the pretty pink theme this year, Robbie stepped out onto the red carpet for the Golden Globes on Sunday adorned in a dazzling outfit inspired by the Barbie Signature 1977 Superstar doll.

Led by an all-star cast featuring Robbie as well as Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, Rhea Perlman, and more, Barbie earned nominations for twelve Grammy Awards and nine Golden Globe Awards. It won Best Original Song as well as the inaugural Golden Globe for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement. Let’s see how Triumphant Superstar Barbie celebrated the big event!

Margot Robbie shows off her inner Barbie at the Golden Globes

Margot Robbie dressed as the Barbie Signature 1977 Superstar doll at the Golden GlobesMargot Robbie dressed as the Barbie Signature 1977 Superstar doll at the Golden Globes
Margot Robbie dressed as the Barbie Signature 1977 Superstar doll at the Golden Globes / YouTube screenshot

The New Year kicked off with a gilded bang at the 81st Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Inspired by her role in Barbie, the Best Actress Golden Globe nominee went styled as one of the many dolls she embodied on the big screen.

Margot BarbieMargot Barbie
Margot Barbie / YouTube screenshot

To capture the essence of 1977 Superstar Barbie, Robbie wore a vivid pink Armani gown embellished with a dazzling flow of shimmering sequence complimented by a matching pink mesh boa draped loosely around her arms. She wore her light hair down, though her sparkling earrings were still visible.

Coupled with a silver bejeweled ring, this was the extent of her accessories that night, completed with a pair of bright pink pointed heels.

Bringing back the history of the superstar

What better time to channel the high fashion energy of Mattel’s biggest product? That’s exactly what Robbie thought leading up to the Golden Globes. She recalled, “I just woke up and thought, ‘Maybe this would be appropriate tonight.’”

BARBIE, Margot RobbieBARBIE, Margot Robbie
BARBIE, Margot Robbie, on set, 2023. ph: Jaap Buitendijk / © Warner Bos. / Courtesy Everett Collection

Robbie’s ensemble perfectly channeled the original doll’s look. “Ready to dance the night away, Barbie® doll is dressed in a fabulous pink evening gown with a glittering ruffle boa,” the doll’s description reads. “Her ‘diamond’ jewelry sparkles under the disco lights while matching heels complete her vibrant look.”

Barbie Signature 1977 SuperstarBarbie Signature 1977 Superstar
Barbie Signature 1977 Superstar / Walmart

Robbie’s outfit features a few deliberate changes: namely, the sparkles covering her dress and the Mary Janes traded in for heels. This particular rendition was a collaboration with longtime stylist Andrew Mukamal, who also put together Robbie’s outfits for the Barbie press tour.

What is your favorite Barbie outfit?

Robbie's version has a few deliberate alterationsRobbie's version has a few deliberate alterations
Robbie’s version has a few deliberate alterations / YouTube screenshot


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