90-Year-Old Joan Collins Shows Off Toned Legs Ahead Of The Emmy Awards


Joan Collins Toned LegsJoan Collins Toned Legs

Dame Joan Collins teased her followers with a glimpse of her toned legs in a recent Instagram post, noting she was getting ready for the 75th Emmy Awards ceremony. “#flashbackfriday – limbering up for the #emmys on #monday!” her caption reads.

In the photo, Joan was laid back in a boat and looked classy in her all-white outfit with a matching purse and bracelet. Fans flocked to her comments in no time with praises for the 90-year-old Hollywood veteran star, who has no plans to retire just yet.

Joan leaves her followers stunned with toned legs photo

Joan’s post received thousands of likes from followers who did not hide their delight. “Oh my goodness me — you are an absolute goddess — the glamor is unsurpassed,” someone wrote. “My mother, one year older than you, was just as flexible, and I was in awe!! You ladies are just incredible and mesmerizing!” another commented.

A fan called her “the last of her kind,” which is true because Joan is one of the last surviving icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood. “The gorgeous Dame Joan Collins! Stunning creature!” they exclaimed, while someone else joked that it was “best to have a leg up for the Emmys.”

Joan Collins Toned LegsJoan Collins Toned Legs

Still on her feet

Joan, who is in her fifth marriage (to producer Percy Gibson), admitted last year that unlike most people her age, she still gets up to work. “Why should I be defined by a number? I want to work, and I like to work. I’ll keep working if I’m asked,” she said, cheekily adding that “everybody’s gotten older except me.”

Joan Collins Toned LegsJoan Collins Toned Legs

She also clapped back at critics who limit how much achievements a woman can have, particularly in the entertainment industry. “People always talk to women about ambition as if it’s a dirty word. I’ve never ever seen a man accused of being ambitious.” the Dame quipped. “I wanted to be successful; I wanted to make a living in a world that I enjoy.”


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