80-Year-Old Joni Mitchell Makes Debut Grammy Award Ceremony Performance


Joni Mitchell Makes Her  Debut Grammy Award Ceremony PerformanceJoni Mitchell Makes Her  Debut Grammy Award Ceremony Performance

The 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony was marked by many unforgettable moments, showcasing music legends such as Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Annie Lennox, and a surprise appearance by the elusive Tracy Chapman. During this star-studded event, the spotlight gleamed particularly bright on ten-time Grammy winner Joni Mitchell, who delivered her highly anticipated debut performance.

The 80-year-old folk-rock icon previously faced a significant health challenge, a brain aneurysm in 2015, which left her incapacitated, unable to walk, talk, or play the guitar. Despite this formidable obstacle, she graced the stage during the recent event and wowed the audience.

Joni Mitchell evokes emotion as she marks her first-ever Grammy performance

Joni MitchellJoni Mitchell

Despite looking frail, Mitchell commanded attention while sitting on a chair during her performance of “Both Sides Now,” a song that earned her the prestigious honor of her first Grammy alongside Brandi Carlile and Jacob Collier.

With her long white-blonde hair intricately braided, the 80-year-old held an ornate cane gracefully in one hand as she sang. Her powerful rendition got star-studded and emotionally captivated audiences like Meryl Streep, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Beyonce, and her husband, Jay-Z moved to tears.

Joni MitchellJoni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell receives praise from just about everyone

Following Mitchell’s beautiful performance, her friend and collaborator, Brandi Carlile, praised her for being a pacesetter in the entertainment industry. “Whether we know it or not, any one of us out here who ever dreamed of becoming a truly self-revealing singer-songwriter did it standing on the shoulders of one Joni Mitchell, Joni is one of the most influential and emotionally generous creators in human history,” she wrote. “She redefined the very purpose of a song to reflect the contents of a person’s soul.”

Joni MitchellJoni Mitchell

The 42-year-old also eulogized Mitchell for her courage and determination through her life struggles and health challenges. “In some ways, she didn’t have a choice but to take these leaps. She was too preoccupied with basic survival,” Carlile shared. “Surviving poverty, polio, and as of 10 years ago, a near-fatal brain aneurysm.”

“She didn’t dwell too much on how her art was received because she was too busy re-learning to speak, let alone sing,” she concluded. “She’s learned to walk three times. Joni just turned 80, my friends! But we all know she’s timeless. If we are so lucky that history remembers any of us, one thing I know for sure is that it will remember that we lived in the time of Joni Mitchell. Today she just won the Grammy for Best Folk Album.”


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