11-Year-Old Boy Is Spitting Image Of Kevin McCallister From ‘Home Alone’


Home AloneHome Alone

It’s the holiday season, and the ’90s fan-favorite movie, Home Alone, has consistently topped the list of movie lovers for over three decades. This year, fans are full of nostalgia as the news of an 11-year-old boy who shares an uncanny resemblance to their favorite character from the holiday classic, played by Macaulay Culkin, is making the rounds on the internet.

The North Yorkshire native Tyler String has lived his life getting comments about being the double of Kevin McCallister’s actor, and this year he finally broke the internet after recreating an iconic scene from the movie.

Tyler String is the spitting image of Kevin McCallister from ‘Home Alone’

Home AloneHome Alone
HOME ALONE, Macaulay Culkin, 1990. TM and Copyright ©20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved./Courtesy Everett Collection.”

It seems the young boy waited for the right moment to pull off Macaulay Culkin’s “screaming scene” in the Christmas classic, as he is currently the same age as the character. Tyler brought to life the memorable moment where Kevin screamed and put his hands on his face.

Tyler’s mother, Emie Di Marino, also talked about his story and how nurses who attended to him as a baby affirmed the striking resemblance with Kevin. “When he was little, he spent a lot of time in the hospital — one year, the nurses commented how he looked like Kevin,” she said.

Home AloneHome Alone
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Tyler’s mother revealed more about his resemblance

The 31-year-old mother shared that her son has other similarities with the actor besides his facial look. “As soon as you point it out, people say they can’t unsee it,” she noted. “As he’s grown up, I think he saw it too — he even has the same hairline!”

Home AloneHome Alone
HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK, Macaulay Culkin, 1992, TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

Emmie also revealed, “Tyler even has a similar personality to Kevin — he’s daft as a brush, but he also acts older than his years.”


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